Meet the Zombies

Slot machine test: meet the zombies

Zombies are

where there is also life in the Shack and the slot machine meet the zombies that provides impressive evidence. But don't worry, because even if the zombies look not just farmers, so the horror but rather in the background. Rather developer for slots Slotser has put the focus on the humor which here truly not neglected and therefore makes meet the zombies also a lot of fun. Here, you come into contact with all sorts of not alive stuff, including retired people, but also fish, dogs and cats. Overall a thoroughly happy family, which is somewhat different, but also no more or less than other families. Mainly, she can provide good profits, you can make on the reels. But not only curious family members provide for good profits, but also the bonus features in the slot machines meet the zombies and include mainly spins bonus rounds and a wild, you can snag. Total a few good and scary reasons to even take a look at the gambling casino.

One of them is the Online Casino and here you can meet the zombies play for free. You just log in, and then it can start basically with the spooky.

Play Meet the Zombies online now!

Meet the zombies play online

Over the meet the zombies slots there are a few very basic things to say. This also includes that the game like its peers is over five reels. They are arranged and the playing field. On the reels, you can see the funny symbols of the machine, which especially are of course due to their values. With every spin of the reels, you have the chance to win, if also winning lines are made.

Line is also in meet the zombies series, which consist of the same symbols. So, for example, three times the dog side by side. This applies, that will result in a longer range to higher profits. The wild symbol serves as a Joker and can find a place therefore everywhere, so that the series can still count. It is also crucial that the series on the line must be. Of them, you can activate the zombies in meet up to 20 units. In addition of course especially your use is also an important way of setting with which you can determine the amount of your winnings.

Slot game symbols in the meet the zombies online slot

The symbols in this slot game the fun starts with really. But, a little worm is tentatively the beginning. This is followed by a fish skeleton in the glass, a young Chick, a cat and a dog. Then it goes on with the non-human zombies. First of all, the baby, then the big sister and brother. And of course may also MOM and dad dared in this sense not to be missed. In addition, there are three special symbols: bonus, scatter and wild. In fact, it is always good, the more symbols of which appear on the reels.

Slot machines instructions by meet the zombies

Meet the zombies play is definitely easier than this zombie baby to steal the pacifier. Basically, you have to just in the slot casino and there it can also use the game. Actually getting the two setting options are important. On the one hand the winning lines that tell us something about your chances. On the other side of the bet that in each round the account will be deducted from you, but also about the profit heights determines, unless you can form rows. Who like to play free slots no registration, here is a great deal of fun and gets so quickly no boredom.

Conclusion to the meet the zombies test

A everything else as an everyday topic, but Funnily enough has been implemented as commonplace. And that's a good thing, because in meet the zombies good values with strong features and a large dose of humor, emanating from the setting and the characters meet. So the fun can be high without having the odds must suffer.

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